original floral design

original design


At Design Works International we don’t believe in waiting for inspiration. We believe in creating designs that will inspire you. 

Our designers have extensive backgrounds in various design fields, both in the US and abroad. Our original art team creates for different tastes, age groups, lifestyles, and markets. So, it’s no surprise that our designs are used for an array of products in surface, fashion, home furnishings and interior design, and more. 

We print our designs either on paper or fabric, so that you can get an excellent idea of how each design will look in production. 

Need your designs in a hurry? Too busy to view our collection during normal working hours? No problem. You can view the DW original design collection on line, 24/7. Just ask us, and we’ll send you your own password. This will enable you to log on and view the collection whenever and wherever you need. And, you’ll be able to download the CAD files, for any designs purchased, straight away.

Much of our original art is used in production as is. Other companies like to explore the possibilities of a particular design, and ask us to develop special repeats, coordinating patterns, colorways, and more. That’s where our design development team can help you.

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